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Whether you work at a desk all day or a physically demanding job, sometimes these activities can cause us aches and pains that never seem to go away. You don’t have to live with that pain…

A Fresh & Vibrant Look

The dry air of Alberta often affects our skin and the way we look and feel. As well, the foods we eat can drastically affect the way our skin looks and feels. You can have the look and feel to your skin that you desire, without the use of harsh chemicals that cause long-term damage…

honey massage

Detox & Cleanse

While so many detoxification methods have now been ‘de-bunked’ as hoaxes. We offer services and products; when combined, work in unison with each other to flush out toxins and restore your body to its natural state of wellness…

Boost Immune System

This treatment utilizes hot and cold stones to cause the lymphatic system to contract. Therefor, detoxing your body naturally and preventing illness. It is suggested to do this treatment seasonally or heightened flu seasons. The cold stones are glided lightly and swiftly on the skin and is surprisingly soothing.
(Patients will often feel flu-like symptoms coming on, but this is simply a sign of the detox occurring. However, this does not occur in everyone.)

Are You, Or Someone You Know Living With Cancer?
Get Relief At Arubah With An Oncology Massage!

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